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Everything on your mobile device

Instructors lead busy lives and require flexibility in their teaching experience.

Take your class with you. Create content, post announcements , grade student work, and much more while on the go. With the Blackboard app, you can do everything from your phone that you can do in your web browser. 

Don't have the app? Download it now.

Add or edit course content

What you see in the app is similar to what you see on a web browser. Open a course and tap the plus sign on the Content tab wherever you want to add content.

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Add tests or assignments

Open a course and tap the plus sign on the Content tab wherever you want to add an assignment or test.

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Interact with students

Use tools like discussions, journals, and course messages to engage with your students directly.

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Post announcements to your course

Announcements are an ideal way to post time-sensitive information critical to course success. Use the app the post announcements anytime from any where. 

On the course Content tab under Details & Actions, tap the announcements link to get started.

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Stay up-to-date on course activity with the activity stream

See an up-to-the-minute list of important course activity including new content, announcements, and what needs grading in the Blackboard app. The activity stream automatically prioritizes the items to help you focus on the tasks that you want to take care of right away.

Tap an item in the stream to open it and begin working. Tap the linked course title within the item if you want to go to the course outline instead.

Turn on push notifications so you don't miss a thing.

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Grade student submissions

The Blackboard app helps you easily identify courses where you need to grade student submissions. Instructors and graders can review, annotate, grade, and publish the grades to students.

Visit the course Gradebook tab to get started.

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