Access the submission list page by tapping an assignment on the assignment list page. Submissions are listed in order of the most recently submitted assignment first.


Submission List Page

Assignment Details

Tap the assignment title located at the top of the page to reveal information about the points available, description, and due date of the assignment.

Heading Categories

Each of the heading categories are sortable by tapping the category heading to allow for easier navigation of the table.

  • Student (or Group) Name: This heading lists the submitting student's name. In the case of a group assignment, the group's name will be listed and the category heading will display Group. For assignments with Anonymous Grading enabled, all students' personally identifiable information is removed.
  • Attempt Number: This heading lists the attempt number.
  • Submitted Date and Time: This heading lists the date and time the student submitted the assignment.
  • Graded (or Ungraded): For submissions that have been graded, the grade is listed. For ungraded submissions, this field remains empty.
  • Sent (or Unsent): A green checkmark indicates that the grade has been sent to the student. A semi-transparent grey checkmark indicates that the grade has been saved as a draft, but has not yet been send to the student.

Grade a Submission

Tap a submission to open the submission detail page. To learn more about grading submissions, see Grade Submissions.

Missing Submissions

Students who have not yet submitted have red "MISSING SUBMISSION" text beneath their names.


Missing Submission Example