Submit Ally Support Cases

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    Behind the Blackboard is where you can create support tickets for Blackboard Ally.

    Site administrators have accounts created in Behind the Blackboard (available in English only).

    You should receive an email with the credentials to login. If you don't see that email please contact your Blackboard representative.

    When should I create a support case?

    Create a support case when:

    • You have any system issues or errors
    • You need help with your system
    • You have questions you need answers to quickly

    Create a support case ticket

    1. Login to Behind the Blackboard.
    2. Select Create a case under the Support section.
    3. Fill in the required form information, being as specific as possible. Please include a URL link to where the issue is happening in the site.
    4. Type the issue in the Subject/Error Message text box.
    5. Type a detailed description of the issue or error message in the Description text box. Include any relevant links, course names, or any other information that can be provided at the time. Provide screenshots where possible and links to any content items you're having difficulties with. Attach the actual file, if possible. (as well as a copy of the actual file if possible).
    6. Provide specific, exact steps to replicate in the Steps to Replicate text box. An example would be:
      1. Login to Site X
      2. Go to Course Y
      3. Go to Activity Z

      Provide as much information as you can. Include if the issue is happening for a specific role or user, in a specific browser, in one location or multiple locations, and any other information that has been discovered.

    7. Chose the severity level of the case. Please use the following definitions of the severity levels.
      • Severity 1: Emergency. Production system is down. System is non-functioning, disabled, or non-responsive.
      • Severity 2: High. Product is functioning, but major components are unusable/unavailable.
      • Severity 3: Medium. Product is operating close to normal, however minor components are functioning abnormally.
      • Severity 4: Low. Product enhancement request, all sandbox issues, or instructional assistance is needed.
    8. Select Create Case to save and create the case.

    After you create a support case you can use Behind the Blackboard to monitor your cases and communicate with Blackboard Client Support.