Web Community Manager 2022 Release (2.62)

Continuous Delivery 2.62 | Release to Production May 2022
Updated features, bug fixes

Here's what the product release (2.62) includes:

  • Updated features
  • Bug fixes

Updated features:

Improvements to Content Versioning:

  • Preview historical versions of all single record apps.
  • View who created the versions.
  • Show title changes to apps in version history.

Improvements to the Integrated Staff Directory app:

*The integrated Staff Directory will be released to a restricted group of early adopters.

  • Options to configure the fields for the school directory in the Site Manager.
  • Show the social media links as icons.
  • The header section is hidden.
  • Show phone numbers as links.
  • Search Staff using the title.

Improved accessibility standards for the Integrated Staff Directory app:

  • Fixed an issue of alternate formats not showing consistently for some documents.
  • Fixed a template update issue in the MyWay Ultra Titan template.

Site managers can set page-level editors.

Bug fixes:

  • Security enhancements
  • Enhanced accessibility standards in mini base, links, calendar, and staff directory apps.