Bulk download or copy recordings

Continuous Delivery Collaborate Ultra 21.16 | Release to Production: 6 September 2021
New features

In order to meet the needs of some institutions as early as possible, we're releasing this feature for general availability ahead of the September release. The target is 6 September 2021.

As institutions are implementing their own storage management policies, they often find that for old recordings they don't need the high availability and integration in Collaborate, and are looking for ways manage their storage more efficiently. In some cases, they want to be able to have an archive copy of their recordings on their own storage. Managers can choose to download their institution recordings to a local drive or copy them to Amazon S3 external cloud storage (in the same region). Bulk copy doesn't delete recordings from Collaborate servers. If institutions want to bulk delete recordings for a given time period, they may create a support case ticket to request it. A more advanced bulk delete feature is planned.

Recordings 10 GB or less can be downloaded locally. Anything over 10 GB can only be copied to external storage.

More on how managers can copy or download your recordings in bulk