Blackboard Learn SaaS release schedule

Use the dates below to anticipate when your Blackboard Learn environments receive the latest features and maintenance items.

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What does the release version number mean?

Blackboard Learn uses a combined versioning schema for all deployments of the format: X.Y.Z-rel.abcdefg. Each of the digits and information in the versioning schema has a specific meaning.

  • X – the first number in the schema represents the “major” Q2 or Q4 version for a given release. E.g. 3100 = Q4 2016, 3200 = Q2 2017, etc.
  • Y – the second number in the schema represents the “minor” version for a given release and is relevant only to SaaS Continuous Delivery customers. E.g. 3100.1 = the first Continuous Delivery release after the 3100 / Q4 2016 release.
  • Z – the third number in the schema represents the “point” version for a given release and aligns with Cumulative Updates for major Q2 or Q4 releases available to Self-Hosted, Managed Hosting, and SaaS Flexible Deployment customers. E.g. 3100.0.1 = Cumulative Update 1 for Q4 2016 release.
  • -rel.abcdefg – the last piece of information in the schema represents the specific build number for a release. This build number is only relevant for technical troubleshooting and internal Blackboard development systems, and can generally be ignored by most customers. Blackboard Support may request this build number for validation when clients submit support cases.

    The build number may differ between a release's stages (Test/Staging and Production). If you notice that a release's build number in your Test or Staging environment doesn't match the release's build number in your Production environment, this is normal and expected.

Continuous Delivery release schedule

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Each monthly release contains new features or feature enhancements, as well as maintenance items. Additional maintenance releases occur weekly, on Thursdays. 

Release notes are published on or about the same day a release reaches Test servers.

All releases in continuous delivery are cumulative. For example, v3000.5.0 includes all content from v3000.4.0 and previous releases. Where a cell is marked with a dash ("-"), this release was not applied to the noted environment and changes will be rolled into the next release.

Blackboard Learn SaaS CD Releases
Release Number Release to Test Servers* Release to Production Servers*
v3900.58.0 10 January 2023 2 February 2023
v3900.56.0 6 December 2022 5 January 2023
v3900.54.0 8 November 2022 1 December 2022
v3900.52.0 12 October 2022 3 November 2022
v3900.50.0 13 September 2022 6 October 2022
v3900.48.0 16 August 2022 1 September 2022
v3900.46.0 20 July 2022 11 August 2022
v3900.44.0 21 June 2022 7 July 2022
v3900.43.0 7 June 2022 N/A
v3900.41.0 10 May 2022 2 June 2022
v3900.39.0 22 April 2022 5 May 2022
v3900.37.0 15 March 2022 21 April 2022
v3900.34.0 15 February 2022 3 March 2022
v3900.32.0 11 January 2022 10 February 2022
v3900.30.0 7 December 2021 6 January 2022
v3900.28.0 16 November 2021 2 December 2021
v3900.26.0 12 October 2021 4 November 2021

*These dates are approximate. Your system may be updated a couple days before or after this date.


Flexible Deployment Option

Blackboard no longer supports the Flexible Deployment Option for SaaS environments. As of version 3800.15.0, Blackboard Learn SaaS is only delivered in a continuous delivery cadence.