Keep on top of all your social media accounts from a central location!

There are 1.2 billion people on Facebook, and 500 million new tweets every day. Districts and schools cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity for social media engagement.

With Blackboard Social Media Manager, you can integrate social media in your district and schools, connecting students, parents, staff, and community members with the information they need.

How Social Media Manager can help you!

Using Social Media Manager, your district and school can keep track of all their Facebook and Twitter accounts. You will be able to track the number of posts concerning your district and the number of followers.

Do you have multiple Facebook pages and Twitter groups for your district, schools, and sport programs? View all content from an aggregated feed page or select the pages and groups you want to view right now. You can get a high-level overview or a detailed view of the posts you need.

Looking for something in particular? Follow hashtags and keywords to find the information you need. You can also track the top VIPs that post about your district or school.

What posts have the most influence on your followers? With the Social Media Manager's influence feature, you can track messages and questions that have attracted the most attention so you can prioritize your responses.

Access your Social Media Manager while on-the-go! The Social Media Manager feature is also available to administrators through the Blackboard Communications HQ mobile app, allowing you to keep up on social media no matter where you are.

Schedule your posts for upcoming events! You can schedule a specific post and determine which pages or groups will display the post. You can even include pictures to posts.

Any recommended tips?

Before configuring Social Media Manager for your district, Blackboard recommends the following tips:

Do not change the password for Facebook and Twitter - Social Media Manager recognizes the specific login and password and automatically connects to that particular social media. If you change the password, you will need to update the password in Social Media Manager, which can be time consuming if you have several schools in a district.

Social Media Manager can only add Facebook pages, not accounts - Create an account in Facebook, and then create pages from that account. Those pages will be available to Social Media Manager and managed through the creator of that account.