If there are any problems during the Save, Apply, and Verify Step of the server configuration process, an error message will be displayed in red near the top of the page, such as in the following example:

The "Test Connection Failed" error message indicates that a successful connection to the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing scheduling server could not be completed.

Please ensure that

  • You have entered a correct hostname or IP address and port number for the Blackboard Collaborate scheduling server service (do not use spaces or any invalid URL characters such as backspace, space, tab, or ` ~ @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) \ { } [ ] ; ' " | ).
  • No firewalls are blocking the sending or receipt of packets.
  • Routing is correctly configured between the Blackboard Learn server and the Blackboard Collaborate scheduling server.

To confirm a successful configuration, click on the Submit button to verify your settings.

Sending Log Files to Blackboard Collaborate Support

Blackboard Collaborate Support may request specific log files in order to help diagnose your issues.

  1. Open the settings page:
    • Administrator Panel>Building Blocks>Installed Tools>Blackboard Collaborate>Settings>Email Logs to Collaborate Support
  2. Click the Email Logs to Collaborate Support link.

  3. Enter your Support Ticket Number and, optionally, a description of your problem.

  4. Set the options for emailing your logs.

    If you want to check the logs before you send them to Blackboard Collaborate Support, de-select Email logs to Blackboard Collaborate and select Download Log Files.

    To send the logs to Blackboard Collaborate Support, select Email logs to Blackboard Collaborate. Optionally, send a copy of the email to your system administrator (by selecting CC Email to System Administrator) and download the logs and email text for your own use (by selecting Download Log Files).

  5. Click on the Submit button to save the settings.