Open LMS release information

Major and maintenance pack release times are scheduled by Technical Operations, and typically happen at 12:30 A.M. local time of the corresponding datacenter. The exception is for sites hosted in the Virginia datacenter, where releases start in Eastern, Central, and Pacific time zones. Upgrades dates and times are estimated below but you should confirm with your Engagement Manager for confirmation. We update this page with new information when it's available.

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Release schedule

Next release: Open LMS v. 3.8 

Release to Sandbox: June 11th, 2020*

Release to Production: July 09th, 2020*

Tentative upcoming release schedule*

Blackboard Learn SaaS CD Releases
Release Version Release to Sandbox Release to Production
version 3.7 MP 1 February 06, 2020* February 13, 2020*
version 3.7 MP 2 April 09, 2020* April 16, 2020*
version 3.8 June 11, 2020* July 09, 2020*
version 3.8 MP 1 August 06, 2020* August 13 2020*
version 3.8 MP 2 October 01, 2020* October 07, 2020*
version 3.9 December 03, 2020* December 30, 2020*

*Dates and times are subject to change. Please confirm the dates with your Engagement Manager.

Maintenance Packs

Maintenance Packs are updates made to the current General Availability version of Open LMS found in production systems. The maintenance track is a combination of bug fixes, minor improvements, and client development projects. Maintenance development will be deployed to production sites on the following Maintenance Release schedule (subject to change):

  • Open LMS 3.x Maintenance Pack 1: first Thursday in February
  • Open LMS 3.x Maintenance Pack 2: first Thursday in April
  • Open LMS 3.y Maintenance Pack 1: first Thursday in August
  • Open LMS 3.y Maintenance Pack 2: first Thursday in October


The development of the next Major Version of Open LMS, which will be based on the new version of Moodle, major enhancements, new features, and maintenance items that have been completed after the previous Maintenance Pack 2. Major releases will be deployed to production sites on the following Major Release schedule (subject to change):

  • July Release: second Thursday in July
  • January Release: first Thursday in January