Blackboard is moving towards the adoption of a new Authentication Mechanism called Universal Authentication Service for all of its Blackboard products and the Blackboard Data products will be the first ones to adopt it. Universal Authentication Service or UAS is Blackboard’s new Single Sign-On service for your licensed Blackboard SaaS products. Once configured you have a single point of entry for all your licensed Blackboard SaaS products supporting UAS - meaning you only log in once and may seamlessly access your Blackboard products simply by going to their URL, no additional login is required. In addition to the above convenience, UAS offers an increased level of control over non-UAS authentication methods.

Set up institutional accounts

At the moment, we're only setting up a small group of institutions to use UAS by invitation only, while we continue to work on General Availability of UAS to access the Blackboard Data UI and your Snowflake Reader Account.

Please keep an eye on this page, as we will share any updates to the availability of UAS to access Blackboard Data products.

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