Suggest books to read

Use the Book List app to create a list of books required for your class. You can use this to outline a list of required reading for your course, provide examples of additional reading materials, or outline a list of books for book reports. You can also use the Book List app to highlight different reading comprehension level books.

Using the classic page experience? Check out the More about this app section to add content.

Add the Book List app

Drag the Book List app onto your page

Select the purple arrow to expand the panel, giving you more room to work!

  1. Type the general information, including the Book Title, Author, Year Published, and Description.
  2. Add the Classification and the Code (optional).
  3. If you have a Cover Image of the book, upload the Image and type the Height, Width, and Image Alt Text.

You can also set how long to display the book in the list by setting a Start and End time under Display Dates.

​​​​​Select Save when finished.

The Activate on my page is automatically selected to include your book list information. You can clear this option if you are not ready to display the content yet.

Set additional options

  1. Select Options.
  2. Type the App Name to use as the title.
  3. Type the Description, and select Show the app name on my page.
  4. Choose the Display Settings for the number of books to list. Select Display all active app records or Display a specific number of active app records and set the Record Limit.

Sharing and social settings

Want to share your content with another group or user? From the Sharing tab, you can choose groups to share your content.

More on social settings for this app

Book List user guide

More about this app

For classic page experience:

Add the app

Add a book to the list

Set display duration