Web Community Manager comes with a large collection of default system apps you can use. You can't edit or delete these apps. By default, all editors can use these apps.

To limit who can use them, assign sharing rights.

  1. From Site Manager select CONFIGURE and select Apps.
  2. Find the app you want and select Rights.
  3. Select Assign Group or Assign User.
  4. Select the groups or users you want to assign.
    1. Type all or part of the group or user name.
    2. Select Search.
    3. Select the group or user you want.
    4. Repeat until you assign all groups or users.
  5. Select I'm Done.

App Showroom

Build custom pages with Web Community Manager apps!

You'll build pages using the Web Community Manager apps—they are your content building blocks. Each app is designed to display in a way that is consistent with the type of content contained within the app. Choosing the right app or combination of apps and the right page layouts helps you provide your visitors with adaptive content that automatically responds to the type of device accessing the information and keeps your pages fresh and engaging.

More on configuring apps

Custom apps 

Check out the custom apps we offer, learn how to download, adjust the sharing rights and keep them updated, and how to request a custom app!

More on our custom apps

Looking for suggestions? Let us help you choose the right app.

App showroom

Custom apps are included in the list below. These apps aren't installed on your site by default.