The dashboard displays all the past, current, and future courses you are enrolled in, as well as any certificates you have earned and any certificates still available for you to earn. Select Dashboard in the left-hand column to see the available dashboard options.


The Courses tab contains three options:

  • Active Courses: courses for which the current date is within the start and end dates for the course.
  • Past Courses: courses for which the current date is past the end date of the course.
  • Upcoming Courses: courses for which the current date is before the start date of the course.


The Certificates tab contains three options:

  • Achieved Certificates: certificates you have already earned that have not expired. They are available for you to download and print out.
  • Obtainable Certificates: certificates that are available in courses you are enrolled in that you have not already earned.
  • Expired Certificates: certificates you have earned that have expired.

Download a Certificate

You can download certificates you have earned in your courses from the dashboard.

  1. Select Dashboard from the left-hand column.
  2. Select the Certificates tab.
  3. Select Achieved.
  4. Hover over the title for the certificate you want to download and select the Download button.