The Download page loads when selecting Download from the page selector in the Service Desk. The purpose of this page is to archive frequently used files and images that you may want to send a Contact with real-time communications or as an attachment to a notification that is triggered by some Action on the Case.

The Download page offers the ability to:

  1. Search Files
  2. Manage Catalogs & Folders
  3. Manage Files

Search Files

Files can be searched by the following:

  • By filename
  • Be file description

Manage Catalogs & Folders

The files are managed in a tree structure similar to the KB tree structure. The Download page tree structure consists of the following in their respective order:

  1. Catalogs
  2. Folders
  3. Files


Catalogs are used to provide an overall structure to an Institutions Download Page and may contain both folders and files.

Catalogs can only be created one level under the root folder.


Folders are used to group common files and cannot be created directly under the root folder.

Add/Edit a Catalog or Folder

If the New Folderor Edit button is selected, a pop-up window will appear presenting you with the following options:

  1. Create/Change the Name
  2. Enter a description
  3. Indicate whether it will be Internal only or Public

Deleting Catalogs or Folders

To delete a Catalog or Folder, click the delete button in the Delete button in the Browse sections action menu.

Manage Files

The Add/Edit File section displays the contents of a selected article, if one is selected, and is where articles may be created or edited. The files may be viewed in "Details" or "Thumbnails" style, both of which provide a list view of the files and/or images.

The Action menu in this sections allows for two actions:

  1. New File
  2. Edit File

New/Edit File

The New File action button becomes available when a Catalog or Folder is selected from the Browse section.

The Edit File action button becomes available when a file is selected from the Folder list section.

The following items are available for creating or editing Files:

  1. File attachment
  2. File Name
  3. File Title
  4. File Description
  5. Checkbox to mark if the file is a video
  6. Published or Draft radio buttons

Deleting Files

A file may be deleted one at a time or in groups within the Folder list section.

To delete individual files while in the Details style mode, you have two options:

  • Click the x icon next to the corresponding file
  • Select the checkbox to the left of the file, or multiple files, then click the Delete Selected Items button

To delete individual files while in the Thumbnails style mode, select the checkbox to the left of the file, or multiple files, then click the Delete Selected Items button.