Moodlerooms Basics

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    New to Moodlerooms or need a refresher?

    No two pages, courses, or Moodlerooms systems will look the same. However, there are some features on which you can rely, and terminology you should know. Learn how to move around in Moodlerooms whether your institution uses the Snap design theme or another theme.

    Personal menu

    In Snap your personal menu is the best place to see everything important you need to know at-a-glance. Use it as your landing page to stay engaged and keep current with what others are saying. The personal menu supports Moodle's course end dates. Courses where the end date is in the past appear in separate tabs from current courses, and are grouped by year.

    Current courses

    Courses sorted by end date

    You can also add your favorite courses to the top of your personal menu in Snap by selecting the star to highlight it. Pick courses you need access to most often.

    Watch the Personal Menu video below to understand how it can help you stay organized and current in courses.

    Video: Personal Menu User Experience

    Course Overview

    Students can check their course progress and view activities that are due in the next seven days in My Dashboard with the new course overview block. Users can view the list of activities that are due sorted by date or grouped within the courses where the activities appear.

    Sorted by Date

    Sorted by Courses

    Users can view their progress in their current, future, and past courses using the courses tab. Courses in the Future tab have a start date in the future and courses in the Past tab have a course end date in the past.

    Watch the Course Overview video below to understand what the new block can do. The block replaces the previous course overview block. The Moodle Users Association commissioned the improvements to the course overview block.

    Video: Course Overview Block


    There are breadcrumbs on each page that show you where you are. You can also select breadcrumbs to go back to previous pages, including the Home page.

    View courses

    Courses contain a collection of activities and resources supplied by your teacher for you to access and complete. You can also view your grades and other participants in your course.

    1. Log in to the site.
    2. Select the course from the My Courses area:
      Steps in Snap: Select your Profile and select the course.
      Steps in other themes: Navigate to My Courses and select the course.

    How it looks in Snap

    How it looks in another theme

    Manage your coursework!


    Blocks and tools are elements that add extra information about your course and supplied by your teacher. From the blocks or Course Dashboard, you will be able to view content like grades and your course calendar.

    How it looks in Snap

    How it looks in another theme


    Activities are tasks you need to complete for the course, like an assignment to complete or a discussion forum in which to participate.

    How it looks in Snap

    How it looks in another theme

    More on activities