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    Keep track of recent posts in Snap

    If you are using the Snap theme, you have two options for viewing and staying up-to-date with recent posts.

    • Course footer: Recent forum posts appear under Recent Activity in the course footer. Go to the bottom of the course to see it.
    • Personal menu: You can also see recent posts in your personal menu. Select Menu at the top of your Moodlerooms screen to open your personal menu.

    Using Forums

    There are many ways you can access forums.

    Go to your course and find the Moodlerooms forum activity.

    How it looks in Snap

    How it looks in another theme

    Add discussion topics

    Steps: Moodlerooms forum > Add a new discussion

    1. From the Moodlerooms forum, select Add a new discussion.
    2. Type a meaningful Subject and Message. Select Use advanced editor if you want to format your description.
    3. Select Submit.


    Steps: Moodlerooms forum > Discussion topic > Reply

    You can reply to discussion topics and other replies.

    1. Select a recent discussion.
    2. Select Reply beneath the post you want to reply to.
    3. Type a subject for your post.
    4. Type your post or discussion thread.
    5. Select Submit.

    Your reply appears under the original post.

    Make anonymous posts

    Some Moodlerooms forums have anonymous posting turned on.

    When you reply your post appears as by Anonymous User and your picture is removed. Only you see your name and picture in the reply.

    How it looks to you

    How it looks to everyone else

    You don't have to be anonymous if you don't want to be. When typing your reply select Reveal yourself in this post.


    Steps: Moodlerooms forum > Discussion topic > Subscribe

    You can subscribe to discussion topics and receive emails when there are new posts. Go to a discussion and select Subscribe.

    Manage Moodlerooms forum subscriptions

    Steps in Snap: Menu > Your name > Preferences > Forum preferences

    Steps in other themes: Your name > Profile > Preferences > Forum preferences

    Open profile in Snap

    Open profile in another theme

    Moodlerooms forums allow you to configure settings in your user profile to manage forum subscriptions and tracking.

    Locate the following settings and edit them.

    • Forum auto-subscribe: Select Yes: when I post, subscribe me to that forum to automatically subscribe to a forum when you post in any forum.
    • Forum tracking: Select Yes: highlight new posts for me to highlight unread forum posts in color when you enter a forum.


    A permalink allows you to link directly to a specific forum post so you can share it easily with others. Copy the URL of the discussion and paste it to share with others.