Moodlerooms 2.9 Maintenance Pack 2 Release

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    Here's everything you need to know about the Moodlerooms 2.9 Maintenance Pack 2 release.


    Release to Production 14 April 2016. The release time depends on your location and time zone:

    • North America, Central America, and South America, excluding Brazil (Virginia, USA datacenter): Clients will be upgraded according to their time zone:
      • Eastern, Amazon and Newfoundland-Labrador time zones: 14 April, 3am - 5am ET
      • Central time zone: 14 April, 3 AM - 5 AM CT
      • Mountain and Pacific time zones: 14 April, 3 AM - 5 AM PT
    • Europe, Middle East, and Africa (Amsterdam, NL datacenter): 14 April, 3 AM - 5 AM GMT
    • Asia Pacific, excluding Australia and New Zealand (Singapore datacenter): 14 April, 3 AM - 5 AM SGT
    • Australia and New Zealand (Sydney, AU data center): 14 April, 3 AM - 5 AM AEST
    • Brazil (Rio de Janeiro data center): 14 April, 3 AM - 5 AM BGT

    Downtime will be required for your production AND non-production sites during this window.

    Non-Production Site Upgrade Schedule

    To improve the quality of the upgrade process and shorten the production upgrade window, non-production (sandbox) sites will be upgraded 12 April 2016 between 8 AM - 5 PM EST.

    Plugin Reviews and Updates

    Updates to plugins you currently use will be made available on your site automatically; you do not need to request updates. Plugins you do not use will not be available automatically and you will need to request access to them by submitting a support ticket.

    Updated Plugins

    • Turnitin® Moodle Direct (V2) - 2016011104
    • Quickmail - 2015122913

    New Plugins

    • Atto: HTML+ - 2015082100
    • Atto: More font colours - 2016010600
    • Sharing Cart - 2016032900
      • Please note that Sharing Cart is not compatible with Snap.
    • WiseNET® Authentication - 2016022500
    • WiseNET® Enrolments - 2016022500
    • WiseNET® Grades - 2016012800

    Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

    • Advanced Forum
      • Resolved "SyntaxError: Unexpected token" when posting replies to a discussion with an image uploaded. This issue was caused by the Turnitin® Moodle Direct (V2) plugin.
      • Resolved inability to use file picker in Atto advanced inline editor for Advanced Forum.
      • Resolved rating being reset when a reply is added.
      • Resolved lack of focus indication on substantive, bookmark, and subscribe icons for keyboard users.
      • Resolved Advanced forum not respecting its "timed posts" setting.
    • Collaborate
      • Improved "duration of course" Collaborate Ultra session so that no event is placed in the Calendar.
    • Conduit
      • Resolved UTF-8 with BOM not being parsed correctly.
    • Express
      • Resolved printing issue in Express theme when reviewing quiz attempts where text is not in the printed view.
      • Resolved edit menu being overlayed by course section element when course section is hidden in Express.
      • Resolved groups page alignment issue with certain Express templates
    • Joule Reports
      • Resolved user filter in Joule Reports not honoring group restrictions
    • Moodle Core
      • Improved error handling in LTI
      • Resolved LTI tool configurations not allowing forcessl setting to be unchecked
    • Personalized Learning Designer
      • Resolved Collect block not recognizing course access
    • Snap
      • Resolved Snap asset edit icons not lining up.
      • Resolved Weekly topic title when creating a new section. A default read-only week title is now set when creating a new section in the weekly format.
      • Resolved profile page error when users are not allowed to edit their own profiles.
      • Resolved Snap move activity or resource checkbox not being available to screen reader users.
      • Resolved course tools displaying grade report when course is configured to not show grades to students.
      • Resolved screen reader not announcing the snap login dialogue when logging in.
      • Resolved faux headings not inheriting real heading font sizes on small screens.
      • Resolved calendar block navigating away when changing the month in Snap.
      • Resolved lack of indication of focus when using a keyboard to select a form element.
      • Improved color contrast for text
      • Resolved missing message button on the Moodle profile page when viewed at the site level.
      • Resolved misaligned user pictures on the messaging page
      • Resolved edit mode improperly affecting mode between site homepage and courses.
      • Resolved pages not loading if Moodle is accessible by non-root url.
      • Resolved personal menu course cards showing a +1 instead of showing the final contact in that position.