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    End of Support for Express ends July 2017. End of Life for Express ends July 2018.

    With the Express theme, you are provided with branding capabilities for both basic and advanced users with tools to completely customize the appearance of the institution's site, course categories, and courses. With the Express theme, the Express block is added to your institution site, and you have more control of design of your website over any other Moodle/Moodlerooms theme.

    An Express design is what is displayed as the look and feel for the institution site, category, or course when a user views a page. Express designs are created from Express templates, which are predefined page structures and layouts with a selection of color variants that, when selected within the Express blocks Create a Design tab, create an Express design for the site, category, or course. Express templates provide clients with the ability to approve specific page structures and layouts while allowing their teachers to feel empowered to create a unique look for their course by selecting different color variations to develop their own design.