This information applies only to the Ultra Course View.

In the Ultra Course View, you won't have a separate area for groups. Instead, instructors create group tests where you can collaborate with other students.

On the Course Content page, your group name is listed after the group test title. Your group members' names appear when you open a test and when you work on it.

You can view a group test and you don't have to submit it. When you select View assessment, you can just view the group test or add some work. Not ready to submit? Select Save and Close in the panel. Your work on behalf of the group is saved and not submitted. If you or another group member previously started the group test, your work was saved. Select View assessment to resume working.

Everyone in the group can keep track of the latest version of the work. Until a member selects Submit, you can open the group test as many times as you want.

Group conversations and Collaborate

If your instructor enabled conversations, select the Open group conversation icon in the panel. You can ask for help, share sources, or answer questions others have about the group test. You can have conversations with the whole class, just the group, or both! When a group member has posted to the conversation, an icon appears next to the group test title on the Course Content page to indicate new activity.

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You can also use Collaborate Ultra to meet virtually with your group if your course uses Collaborate and your instructor enabled conversations. To open your group's Collaborate room, select the Open Collaborate room icon.

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ULTRA: Multiple members can work on a group test

When a group member opens a group test, the test is locked so other members can't edit it. Other group members can request to work on the test. The member in control can approve or decline the request.

Take control of a group test

  1. Open the group test. If another group member is working on the test, a pencil icon and message appears next to the member's name.
  2. To send a request to the group member who's currently in control, select Take Control.
  3. A message appears to let you know that your request for control was sent. If you decide you don't want control, you can cancel your request.
  4. The person working on the group test receives a notification and can approve or decline your request.
  5. If your request is approved, the group test is unlocked and you can work on it. You'll see a message if your request is denied.

If your request is denied, your group member may have granted access to someone else. You can request access again later. You might also want to send a message to your group to coordinate who works on the group test at certain times.

If you receive one of these notifications while you're working on a group test, the system saves your work automatically. You can choose to leave the test and turn over control to the member requesting access. Or, you can ignore the request and keep working.

ULTRA: Submit a group test

Remember, as you work on a group test, you can save a draft and other group members are allowed to edit it. Everyone in the group can keep track of the latest version of the work.

Only one member of your group submits the group test. You'll receive a pop-up message where you confirm you want to submit on behalf of your group. You can't make changes to a group test after you submit it.

Your instructors grade group tests in the same way they grade tests that you work on individually. You only see your own grade, but your instructor can assign different grades to each group member. Instructors may assign different grades if they feel that a group member's contribution earned a grade different from the rest of the group.

How do I check that our group test was submitted?

  1. When your group submits a group test, a panel appears with the date and time of the submission.
  2. Select the View submission link to review what your group submitted.

To see if your instructor graded your group test, check your activity stream. As your instructors post grades, you'll find them in your stream. Select View your grade to display your grade. If your instructor added feedback, you'll see it after the item's title.

You can also access the group test in your course to review your grade and feedback in context.

Your grades also appear on the global and course grades pages.

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