Find Your Courses

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    Students, you're in the right place!
    Instructors, view courses information specific to instructors.
    Administrators, view courses information specific to administrators.

    Explore the Courses tab

    Doesn't seem familiar? Jump to the "Ultra" help about the courses list.

    The Courses tab contains a list of the courses you're enrolled in. Remember that your institution can rename tabs.

    1. Course Search: You can search for a course, and if allowed, preview the course. Type a keyword or text string in the box, select Go. The results appears on the Browse Course Catalog page.
    2. Course List: From the list, you can access any course you are enrolled in or teaching. For example, if you are a student in two courses and a teaching assistant in one course, your course list is divided into the courses you are enrolled in and the courses you are a TA for.
    3. Course Catalog: You can search the catalog for courses or organizations. Select a category link or select Browse Course Catalog to begin your search.

    If your institution has access to community engagement, the organization catalog lists all organizations in categories, such as organization type or semester availability.

    Guests are able to browse the catalog and preview courses. Guests do not have access to the entire course. Instructors determine whether users are allowed to preview a course prior to enrollment.

    Your institution may choose to use a different catalog or no catalog at all.

    Want to add or drop a course?

    Course enrollments are handled by your institution. If you are enrolled in a course but do not see it in the course list, or if you are enrolled in the incorrect course, contact your institution for assistance.

    You cannot delete old or unwanted courses, but you can hide them from view.

    Your institution controls all options in Blackboard Learn, including whether you can customize modules. If you are unable to complete the steps, contact your institution for assistance.

    Hide a course in your list

    You use the same steps to hide a course from the Courses tab or from the My Courses module on the My Institution tab.

    1. Select the Manage icon that appears when you move your mouse pointer over the module.
    2. Locate the row for the course you want to hide and clear the check box in the Course Name column.
    3. Be sure all check marks are cleared in that course's row.
    4. Repeat for all courses you want to hide.
    5. Select Submit.

    ULTRA: Explore the Courses page

    Doesn't seem familiar? Jump to the "Original" help about the courses tab.

    View your courses in a timeline. Easily navigate to past, present, and future courses.

    From the list where your name appears, your course list is available wherever you are in the system.

    On the Courses page, you can access all of your courses. You may be enrolled in some courses with the Ultra Course View and others with the Original Course View.

    Your institution controls the page you visit first after you log in. You can't currently hide course cards, but you can use the filter to narrow your view.

    Point to a course card and select the Course Description icon to read a description. If this icon doesn't appear, your course doesn't have a description.

    You can see unavailable courses in your course list, but you can't access them. Unavailable courses appear with a gray instructor image and a diagonal line.

    Use the filter at the top of the page to narrow your view.