About profiles

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A profile isn't the same as your user account.

A user account is your student registration information at your institution. If allowed, you can edit your personal information to edit your user account information.

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A profile shows how you want to present yourself to your peers, classmates, instructors, and employers. In your Blackboard profile, you decide what you want to be called, share your academic interests, and more.

Profiles are stored in the Blackboard cloud—not at your institution. You can keep your profile through your academic and professional life. If you enroll at a different institution or join the workforce, you can maintain your academic relationships and networks with the same profile.

Make the most of your profile

You should present yourself appropriately in your Blackboard profile. Your profile is intended for lifelong academic and professional networking. Before hiring, more workplaces perform social screenings to evaluate a candidate's character, personality, and fit with their companies. Based on which profile your institution uses, your profile can also offer this information to potential employers:

  • Your qualifications
  • Are you a well-rounded individual?
  • Reasons not to hire you

You choose how the world sees you.

  • Give the right impression through the pictures and words you use.
  • Choose photos and topics that convey a professional image.
  • Avoid anything provocative or inappropriate.
  • Proofread carefully. Spelling mistakes are easy to catch and fix.
  • Post positive and constructive comments. Avoid discriminatory comments.
  • Never talk about alcohol or drugs.

Make sure what you say online accurately represents how you want a future employer to see you.

Does my institution use the enhanced profile?

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Enhanced profile: A Blackboard + MyEdu welcome screen or a profile page where you can add work experience

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Basic profile: A profile page with an area for posts

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Terms of service agreement

If prompted, you must agree to the terms of service before you can access any of the cloud profiles and social features for the first time. These features include Edit Profile, View Profile (your own or another user's), People, Messages, and Spaces.

Your institution can also include a policy statement. But, the terms of service contract is between you and Blackboard.

What if I already have a profile?

If prompted, you must agree to the terms of service before you can continue to use your previously created profile. You also need to agree to continue to use People, Messages, and Spaces. You're asked to agree to the terms of service the first time you access any of those tools.

If you agree to the terms of service, all of your profile information and activity stays the same. If you decline the terms of service, your existing profile and any activity in the social tools, such as messages, are deleted permanently.

Primary email address

When you first set up your profile, you're automatically prompted to provide a primary email. The primary email address is used to identify you in Blackboard Learn at any institution.

Make sure to use a personal email address in your profile. You'll likely lose access to the email address provided by your institution when you leave. When you lose access to your profile, you'll lose all of the relationships that you've built through the network.

The system sends a verification email. After you verify that you're the owner of the email address, your profile is linked to that email address.

Add a profile picture

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If allowed, you can upload a profile picture that appears throughout the system and within the greater Blackboard academic network.

Your personal image appears in the page header, people tool, blogs, journals, discussions, wikis, and roster. Your profile picture also appears in the notifications modules, such as What's New. The modules may appear on the My Institution tab or on a course's home page.

More on the notification modules

The image you upload to your profile page overwrites any other profile images you have with your user account.

Images must be less than 5 MB and at least 50 x 50 pixels in dimension. Acceptable file formats include GIF, PNG, and JPEG.

No profile icon appears in the menu

If you don't see the empty profile icon in the menu, your institution hasn't turned on the profile tool.

  1. Select the arrow next to your name in the page header to open the menu.
  2. Select Settings at the bottom of the panel.
  3. Select Personal Information.
  4. On the Personal Information page, select Personalize My Settings.
  5. On the Personalize My Settings page, select Use custom avatar image and browse your computer for your picture.
  6. Select Submit. Your profile picture appears in the page header next to your name.

Enhanced profile

  1. Select the arrow next to your name in the page header to access the menu.
  2. Select the empty profile image or your existing image to access your profile.
  3. On the Profile page, select the Settings & Privacy link.
  4. The Settings & Privacy section appears in the right panel. Select Change Picture to upload an image from your computer.
  5. Select Save.

Basic profile

  1. On the Edit My Blackboard Profile page in the right panel, select Change Picture to upload an image from your computer.
  2. Select Submit.

Delete your profile

The profile deletion process is irreversible. You can create a new profile, but it won't include any of your previous data, such as posts made to spaces.

To delete your profile, select your profile picture to access the Edit Profile page. When you select Delete My Blackboard Profile, these actions occur:

  • Your profile is deleted. All of the profile information, the profile card, your picture, the profile wall and its posts, and comments other users made on your profile wall posts are deleted.
  • You may not be able to access some content in your courses. You won't be able to access items that had appeared in a user's posts from cloud services.
  • The people tool is no longer available. You won't be able to access the people tool or view other user's full profiles, although profile cards are still viewable. Your profile won't be discoverable as it no longer exists. Any comments you made on other user's profile walls will appear as Deleted User.
  • The messages tool is no longer available. You won't be able to access the messages tool in My Blackboard, and your contributions to existing messages will appear as Deleted User. Within your courses, course messages and email will continue to work normally.
  • The spaces tool is no longer available. You won't be able to access the spaces tool. Any previous contributions to spaces will appear as Deleted User.
  • You will appear as anonymous in Blackboard Open Content. Any contributions to Blackboard Open Content forums or submission to Blackboard Open Content assignments and tests will appear as Deleted User.
  • Your MyEdu profile is deleted. If you have the enhanced profile, your MyEdu profile will also be deleted.

New institution, new profile

You can map multiple Blackboard Learn accounts to a single Blackboard profile. You can maintain one profile and the academic relationships you've built across multiple institutions and for the life of your academic career.

If you prefer to maintain separate profiles, you can. You can use a different primary email address for each profile.

Each time you create a profile from a unique Blackboard Learn instance, you're asked to provide a primary email address. If you use the same email address for each, the cloud service asks if you want to use the previously created profile.

If you choose to use your previous profile, the system sends another verification email. Select the link in the email to verify you're the owner. A merge confirmation screen explains what happens when you link your accounts. A profile merge is irreversible.

After the merge, you'll have a single Blackboard profile associated with both of your Blackboard Learn accounts.

Merge existing profiles

If you have two or more existing profiles, you can merge them into one profile.

  1. Make a profile your target profile. To designate a target profile, type the email address there first. When you edit other profiles to have the same primary email address, the profiles are merged into the first one that used the same email address. We recommend that you choose a profile that uses the same personal email address as the primary email address.
  2. Edit the primary email field of each of the remaining profiles to use the same email address as the target profile. You've started the merge process.
  3. Any existing activity and relationships, such as posts, comments, space memberships, and follow relationships, are merged into the target profile. Only the profile picture, about me, and area of study are retained from the target profile.

ULTRA: Profile

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In the list where your name appears, select your name to access your profile. Your profile appears with some information, and you can't delete your profile. Your institution decides what you can customize.

Upload a profile picture

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You can store one image file in your profile. Others see your picture in messages, discussions, conversations, groups, and course rosters.

  1. Point to the generic silhouette or your picture and select the pencil icon to upload, change, or remove an image.
  2. In the panel, select Upload new profile picture to browse for your picture on your computer. Or, you can drag a file to the Upload area.
  3. Your image is saved automatically. Close the panel to return to your profile.

Remove or replace your profile picture: Upload or drag in another image. To return to the generic silhouette, select the Delete this picture icon to delete your existing image file.

Edit your info and preferences

Your profile is the place to edit the information attached to your persona.

  1. Point to a detail such as Full Name and select the pencil icon.
  2. In the panel, make changes.
  3. Select Done when you're finished.

Video: Edit Your Profile

ULTRA: Watch a video about editing your profile

The following narrated video provides a visual and auditory representation of some of the information included on this page. For a detailed description of what is portrayed in the video, open the video on YouTube, navigate to More actions, and select Open transcript.

Video: Edit your profile shows how to edit information attached to your profile and add a profile picture.