You can assign specific users in your course to grade particular sets of student assignment submissions. Roles with default grading privileges include instructor, teaching assistant, and grader. 

The users who help you grade are called delegated graders and they provide provisional grades. Delegated graders follow the same grading steps as instructors, but they can only access assignment attempts assigned to them.

At this time, Delegated Grading supports assignment and test submissions from individual students, as well as anonymous submissions. Group assessmentsare not yet supported.

Why use delegated grading?

For large classes, you can divide up the grading tasks among teaching assistants and other graders. For a merged course, you can assign each grader a class section.

Enable delegated grading for an assignment or test

  1. From the Gradebook, select Edit for an assignment or test.
  2. Select Assignment Settings or Test Settings to open the panel.
The assessment settings panel is open, with the delegated grading option visible on screen.
  1. Under Evaluation options, select Delegated Grading
  2. Select Assign graders. From the Delegated Grading page, select a group set.
  3. For each group in the set, select the graders.
    • A group set can include one or more graders in each group. If multiple graders are assigned to the same group, they will share the grading responsibility.   
    • Graders assigned to a group of students can only view submissions for those students on the assessment’s submission page. They can only post grades for their assigned group members.
    • Unassigned instructors enrolled on the course can view all student submissions on the assessment’s submission page. They can post grades for all students. 
    • If you'd like to delegate randomly to course graders, first set up a randomized Group Set. For more information, see Create Groups.
  4. Select Save. You return to the settings panel.
  5. Select Save to save your settings.

If you select Hide student names under Anonymous grading, student names are hidden from assigned graders. 

View grading alerts

Example: You select two delegated graders and assign each grader a random set of submissions. Each grader sees only the attempt submissions that are part of their individual random sets.

Users are notified when delegated assessment submissions are ready to grade. Alerts appear in these areas:

  • Activity Stream
  • Gradable items gradebook view
  • Submissions page

Grade assigned submissions

As a grader, you can access submissions you're assigned to grade from the Gradable Items gradebook page and on the assessment's Submissions page. Open the grading page to view submissions, annotate files, and enter grades. 

To add feedback, in the Feedback to Learner box, select the editor button to open the editor.