This information applies only to the Ultra experience.

Your institution controls which tools are available in the Original Course View. The gradebook is always available to instructors in the Ultra Course View.

It’s important for instructors and administrators to be able to track any changes made to grades in a course for audit purposes. The grade history records provide a useful audit trail helpful for addressing, for example, student questions and grade challenges. You can download them from the gradebook. 

Download grade history from the gradebook 

Select Download Gradebook to open the Download Grades panel. Under Grade Records, select Grade History

Download grades icon at the top of the gradebook.

Under Download Grades, you can choose these options for the downloaded information:

  • Which gradebook items to include and whether to include deleted items.
  • Timeframe of assessments to include.
  • Export file format -- comma-delimited (CSV) or tab-delimited (XLS).
  • Location for the saved file -- your device or the Content collection
Download grade side panel.

The downloaded grade history file includes this information: 

  • Date 
  • Type of assessment and grade category 
  • Last edition user’s details 
  • Student username 
  • Submission receipt: The submission receipt number 
  • Submission attempt: The number of the submitted attempt 
  • Type: If it was a regular or an override grade 
  • Obtained value 
  • Event: Additional details such as if was a group attempt, if it’s not posted or if it needs grading 

Non-posted grades are also included in the file as they provide greater insight into grade changes in the course. 

Example of a spreadsheet with the downloaded grade history.