Copy content from other courses

You can copy all the content or select individual items from the other Ultra courses you teach. On the Course Content page, select the plus sign to open the menu. Select Copy Content. Or, open the menu on the right side above the content list. Select Copy Content. The Copy Content panel opens.

This information also applies to organizations.

In the Copy Content panel, you can see all the courses that you're allowed to copy—the other courses you teach. Select a course from the list to copy all of its course content into the course you're in. Or, select a course title and select the check boxes next to the items you want to copy. After you make your selections, select Copy Selected Content to begin the copy action. The copied content is added to the end of the content list.

When you copy an entire course's content, the visibility settings are preserved when the content is added to the new course. For example, hidden content in the copied course is hidden in the course you copied it to. Content is set to Hidden from students if you copy individual items into your course. Student specific-data isn't copied.

Attendance data isn't included when you copy a course into a new or existing course. The attendance option is removed from the copy options. Attendance data is included in an exact course copy.

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Review all copied items to be sure you're showing the content you want to show.

Can't find the course you're looking for? If you want to copy content from another instructor's course, it won't appear in your list. That instructor must export the content, send it to you, and then you can import it to your course.

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