This information applies only to the Ultra Course View.

Grade a group test

After a group submits a test, you can start grading in multiple places: from the Grades page, the Course Content page, or the gradebook. Assign the same grade to the whole group or grade each team member's contribution separately if everyone didn't contribute equally. You can't change grade settings or group membership after you've started grading.

The feedback icon appears next to the group's grade pill. Select the icon to open the feedback panel, which persists on the side of the screen. You can scroll through the test and add overall feedback and a grade. You can also embed an audio/video recording of your feedback in the editor as you grade group submissions.

To view the group members, select the group title to access the list. You can also see which member submitted on behalf of the group.

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Assign a different grade to group members

By default, a grade for a group test is the same for all group members. However, you can change an individual group member's grade if you feel their contribution earned a grade different from the group.

In the submission view, you can assign a grade for the whole group. Type a value in the Grade column. Or, you can assign a grade to a single group member.

To assign a different grade to an individual in a group, expand the group list and type a value in the Grade cell next to the student's name. The overall group's grade is shown as In Progress. The Post grades option doesn't appear because some students don't yet have grades for the test.

Similarly, after you assign a grade to the overall group, you can edit a group member's individual grade. Expand the list of group members, select within a student's grade cell, and change the grade. The overall group's grade is shown as Multiple.

You can also assign different grades in the gradebook grid view. Select a group member's cell and all other group members are highlighted in the grid. Edit a group member's grade as needed. You have the option to apply this edited grade to everyone in the group.

When you're finished grading, post the grades so students can see what they've earned.