This information applies only to the Original experience. Your institution controls which tools are available.

You can upload files to Course Files in two ways:

  • Upload files directly into Course Files. When you create content in your course, you can link to the files.
  • Upload files when creating content in your course. Most of these files are saved automatically in Course Files.

When you use Browse My Computer to upload files from your computer, most files are saved automatically in Course Files. If you upload them into a course area, you don't need to upload the same files directly to Course Files. The file appears as a link in the content item and is also saved automatically in Course Files in the top-level folder. You can link to the file again in one or more course areas, but not in other courses that you teach.

Files saved automatically

When you upload a file as part of content creation in a course area, most files are saved automatically in Course Files, such as these types:

  • Files uploaded to content types from the Build Content list, such as item, file, URL, image, audio, video, syllabus, and course link
  • Files uploaded when you create assignments
  • Files uploaded when you create announcements
  • Files uploaded to descriptions, instructions, and questions in tests
  • Course banner files uploaded to the course entry point
  • Files uploaded with the functions in the editor for journals and blogs topics, and when you create a wiki
  • Files uploaded to the discussion board with the editor or the Attachments section
  • Files uploaded when you create HTML objects

This list also applies to files contained in a course package. If you import a course package, these types of files are added to Course Files.

Files not saved automatically

When you create content, some files are not saved automatically in Course Files because of potential privacy issues or the type of file, such as these types:

  • Self and Peer Assessment files
  • Files uploaded to journals and blog entries in the Journal/Blog Entry Files section
  • Files uploaded to wiki pages and the wiki home page
  • SCORM files
  • Glossary files
  • Student files uploaded when participating in course activities, such as uploading an assignment document or attaching files when creating journal entries