The Performance Dashboard is a valuable tool you can use to monitor student progress throughout your course. On this page, a summary table displays each student's history of access and progress. As the term progresses, you can quickly see if students access your course regularly, review course content, and contribute to the discussion board. This information can help you identify students who are outside the normal range of participation or who need help and encouragement.

Your institution controls if the Performance Dashboard is available. Your institution can also disable the discussion board tool, which will affect the information that appears in the Performance Dashboard.

View discussion statistics

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Control Panel > Evaluation > Performance Dashboard

  1. On the Performance Dashboard page, you can view how many forums a user posted in. In the Discussion Board column, select a numbered link to view details.
  2. This information appears on the Discussion Board page:

    To sort the entries by a column, select the column heading.

    • Forum: Lists all the forums a user has posted in.
    • Total Posts: Select the link to access a page displaying a user's posts in that forum.
    • Date of Last Post: View when a user last accessed the forum.
    • Average Post Length: Lists the average post length, in number of characters.
    • Minimum Post Length: Lists the minimum post length, in number of characters.
    • Maximum Post Length: Lists the maximum post length, in number of characters.
    • Average Post Position: View a representation of a user's participation within the threads.
    • Grade: Select the link in the column to access the Grade Center column, if a grade appears.
  3. In the Forum column, select a forum title to access a collection page displaying all a user's posts in that forum.

You can communicate with a class participant from this page as well. To send an email from the Discussion Board page, select Email User.

ULTRA: View discussion analytics

Doesn't seem familiar? Jump to the "Original" help about discussion statistics.

Discussion analytics provide you with insights to forum participants and activity. This information can help you identify students who are participating or may need help and encouragement. You can access discussion analytics from the Discussions or Course Content page.

  1. Select the More options icon and select View Analytics.
  2. This information appears on this page:
    • Number of participating students: Number of students who participated in the discussion.
    • Average posts per student: Average number of student comments.
    • Average word count per post: Average amount of words in each post.
    • Average discussion grade: If the discussion is graded, the average grade assigned.
    • Participation: Shows the percentage of students who have participated and percentage of students who opened the discussion.
    • Students who haven't participated: Students who haven't participated in the discussion.
    • Responses with the most replies: Lists the most active students in the discussion.
    • Top participants: Students who have posted the most responses and replies.

The participation bar helps you visualize discussion participation. The bar highlights the percentage of students have opened the discussion and participated with blue, opened and not participated with a lighter blue, and students who haven't opened the participation in grey.

You can email the students who haven't participated in the discussion by selecting their image. To send a bulk email to the non-participants, select the More options button in the upper-right corner of the section. This action pre-populates the recipient list with the emails of the students. Each student receives the message as a blind carbon copy to ensure privacy. Select an individual student in that hasn't participated to email them directly.

From the analytics page, you can take a closer look at individual discussion posts. Select a comment from the Comments with the most replies section to view that discussion thread. Select a student from the Top Participants section to open that student’s discussion post and view the discussion analysis panel. The discussion analysis gives you insights for a discussion at an individual level for each student. 

More on discussion analysis

View group discussion statistics

You can also view discussion statistics when you assign groups. Select the More options icon and select View Analytics. In the main menu, there is an Overall tab that shows discussion statistics for the entire class, as well as tabs with details for each group. Select a group name from the menu to display specific analytics for that group.