This information applies only to the Original Course View. Your institution controls which tools are available.

No matter how large...organize, manage, and monitor your virtual groups easily

On the Groups page, you can access all groups, groups sets, and all users. You can also perform these tasks:

  • Import and export groups and group memberships
  • Sort columns, perform bulk actions for deleting groups, and create Grade Center smart views for one or more groups
  • Optionally, manage tool availability for all groups

View Options menu

Use the View Options menu to see different types of group information.

For example, you can choose to see which groups have access to certain tools. You can make tools available or unavailable for groups. Select the check mark in a tool's column to make it unavailable-an X appears. Select the X in a tool's column to make it available-a check mark appears.

Bulk Actions menu

In the Bulk Actions menu, you can create smart views in the Grade Center for each group. A smart view shows only the columns that match a set of criteria, and the view is saved for continued use. When the Grade Center includes a great number of students and columns, you can use smart views to quickly find data. You can also use bulk actions options to select multiple groups for deletion.

More on smart views

All Users page

On the All Users page, you can view which groups students belong to, search for users, add multiple users to a group, and delete users from groups.