This information applies only to the Original Course View. Your institution controls which tools are available.

On the group homepage, students can access the tools you added for them. Only you and the group members can access tools enabled for a group. However, group blogs and wikis appear to all course members when the tools are accessed on the course Tools page.

Available group tools

  • Collaborate Ultra: You and members of a group can share content and use the whiteboard, as well as create recordings.
  • Group Blog: Members of a group can add entries and comments to the group blog to share ideas. You can grade group blogs.
  • Group Discussion Board: Members of a group can communicate as a group, as well as create and manage their own forums.
  • Email: Use the group email tool for quick and efficient communication among group members.
  • File Exchange: You and group members can use this tool to upload documents to the group area, and delete files, regardless of who added them. This tool is only available to groups.
  • Group Journal: Members of a group can share their thoughts with each other and communicate with you. You can grade group journals.
  • Group Tasks: Members of a group can define and separate the workload into tasks and distribute the list to the entire group. Each task has a status and a due date to help keep members on track. Group members can view the group assigned tasks in the group tasks tool or in the course tasks tool. You and other course members won't see tasks for groups they aren't enrolled in when viewing the course tasks tool.
  • Group Wiki: Use group wikis to create a collaborative space for group members to view, contribute, and edit content. You can grade group wikis.

After a group blog, journal, or wiki is set to be graded, you can't reverse this setting.