Use One Profile Across Multiple Institutions

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    Use One Profile Across Multiple Institutions

    You can map multiple Blackboard Learn accounts to a single Blackboard profile. You can maintain one profile and the academic relationships you've built across multiple institutions and for the life of your academic career.

    If you prefer to maintain separate profiles, you can. You can use a different primary email address for each profile.

    New institution, new profile

    Each time you create a profile from a unique Blackboard Learn instance, you're asked to provide a primary email address. If you use the same email address for each, the cloud service asks if you want to use the previously created profile.

    If you choose to use your previous profile, the system sends another verification email. Select the link in the email to verify you're the owner. A merge confirmation screen explains what happens when you link your accounts. A profile merge is irreversible.

    After the merge, you'll have a single Blackboard profile associated with both of your Blackboard Learn accounts.

    Merge existing profiles

    If you have two or more existing profiles, you can merge them into one profile.

    1. Make a profile your target profile. To designate a target profile, type the email address there first. When you edit other profiles to have the same primary email address, the profiles are merged into the first one that used the same email address. We recommend that you choose a profile that uses the same personal email address as the primary email address.
    2. Edit the primary email field of each of the remaining profiles to use the same email address as the target profile. You've started the merge process.
    3. Any existing activity and relationships, such as posts, comments, space memberships, and follow relationships, are merged into the target profile. Only the profile picture, about me, and area of study are retained from the target profile.