This information applies only to the Original experience. Your institution controls which tools are available.

Notification types

Blackboard Learn notifies you when these events occur, if you set the notification type to On in the Edit Notifications Settings area:

  • Announcement Available
  • Assignment Available
  • Assignment Due or Past Due
  • Assignment Needs Grading
  • Blog Needs Grading
  • Content Item Available
  • Course Available
  • Course Message Received
  • Course Quota Soft Limits
  • Discussion Board Forum Needs Grading
  • Discussion Board Thread Needs Grading
  • Gradable Item Due
  • Journal Needs Grading
  • Needs Reconciliation
  • Retention Center Rule Details
  • Survey Available
  • Survey Due or Overdue
  • Survey Submitted
  • Test Available
  • Test Due or Overdue
  • Test Needs Grading
  • Unread Blog Posts
  • Unread Journal Entries
  • Unread Discussion Board Messages
  • Wiki Needs Grading

Events that remove notifications

An item's notification is deleted when any of these happen:

  • A course item is deleted.
  • A course is made unavailable.
  • A course item's end date is reached.
  • A student submits the test, survey, or assignment that generated an item available notification.
  • An instructor grades the item that generated a needs grading notification.
  • A course item's adaptive release rules are no longer met by the student.
  • Notification of an item's availability is deleted after it's marked as reviewed—for a course item with review enabled.
  • Unread discussion posts, blog entries, and journal entries are viewed.
  • A student no longer meets a Retention Center rule criterion.
  • An item has passed its duration as determined by administrator settings—the default setting is 120 days.