About course availability

A course must be made available before students enrolled in the course can view or access the course and its content. However, you may want to make a course unavailable during the building process or after a scheduled course has finished.

If your course is unavailable, access is determined by course role. Blackboard administrators, instructors, course builders, teaching assistants, and graders can see and access unavailable courses from the My Courses tab and the course list, but they're marked as unavailable. Students can't access unavailable courses regardless of the course duration. Unavailable courses don't appear in the course catalog.

Set course availability

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You can set your course availability in the Control Panel.

Control Panel > Customization > Properties > Set Availability

  1. In the Set Availability section, select Yes or No. Use Term Availability only appears if your administrator added your course to a term.
  2. Optionally, when you make a course available, you can choose one of these options in the Set Course Duration section:
    • Continuous (default) to leave the course available without a specified start or end date.
    • Select Dates to choose a start and/or end date. The start and end times are set automatically. The start time is midnight and the end time is 11:59:59.
    • Days from the Date of Enrollment to specify a specific length of time users have to access the course after enrolling. This option is best for self-paced courses.
    • Use Term Duration only appears if your administrator added your course to a term.
  3. Select Submit.

You can control when your course is private—or unavailable—to your students. For example, you may not want students to access your course during the building process.

You can also quickly change the availability of your course. In the top management area next to Enter Student Preview, select the Make unavailable icon.

ULTRA: Set course availability

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In the list where your name appears, select the Courses link to access your course list. Open a course card's menu to change your course availability. You can also change your course's status on the Course Content page.

You can make your course private while you add or experiment with content, and then open it to students when you're ready. Students see private courses in their course lists, but they can't access them.

You can't make a course private during an active term. If a user needs access to a private course, contact your administrator about a course's settings.

Mark a course as complete

You can choose to set your course to Complete when the course has ended, but you can no longer make changes to it. Students can access the content, but they can't participate in the course any longer. For example, they can't reply to discussions or submit assignments. This option is only available for the Ultra Course View.

When a course is complete, you can change the course back to open or private. Return to your course and in the Details & Actions panel, select the Students can view content, but can't participate link. Make a selection in the pop-up window.

If a course has an end date, and the end date passes, then students can't access the course any longer. So, if you complete a course and open it again after the end date, students can't access it.

If you return to the Courses page and don't see all the options in a course's menu after this change, refresh the Courses page.

If you complete a course, you may no longer upload a file to the gradebook.