This information applies only to the Original Course View. Your institution controls which tools are available.

Release content based on multiple grade columns

You have advanced readings for students who receive 85% or more on both their first term assignments and their midterm exams. You can set up a rule that includes grade criteria for both items. The path to this content is narrower because both criteria must be satisfied.

Release content when students have reviewed multiple content items

Make a unit test available when students review the three content items in the unit. Add three review status criteria, one for each content item. The path to this content is narrower because students must satisfy all three criteria for the rule.

Add two or more rules to the same content item

Make a content item available to all students in Week 5, and available sooner to students who mark all previous content items as reviewed. Add one rule with review status criterion and a second rule with date criterion. Students can take two paths to gain access to the content item because they only have to satisfy one rule.

Release content on two dates or date ranges

If you want to make a study guide available the week before both the midterm and final exams, add two date rules, one for each week. You create two paths to the same content item, controlled by date.