Blackboard apps include Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience—a synchronous web conferencing solution for high-quality virtual classes and meetings. You can share files and video while interacting with your class.

Instructors can use Collaborate in the Blackboard Instructor app.

To have the full range of moderator capabilities, instructors should use Collaborate with the Ultra experience on a web browser. While you are on your web browser, your class can join on the app.

Collaborate with the Original experience isn't supported in the Blackboard app for students or the Blackboard Instructor app.

Test session

You can join a Collaborate session from your mobile device to see what your students see. Open the participant link, not the moderator link, on your mobile device. The Blackboard app or Blackboard Instructor opens the session for you if you have an app installed. At the same time, join the session as a moderator on a web browser to test the functions.

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Invite participants

Students see your course Collaborate sessions in the Blackboard app just as you see the list in Blackboard Instructor. You may want to use announcements or other methods to remind students of upcoming sessions.

You can invite participants to Collaborate sessions that are not associated with courses as well.

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Large sessions

Large sessions in Collaborate have over 250 and up to 500 users in the session. To make large sessions easier to manage, some participant features are turned off.

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If you expect over 250 participants in your session, you must submit a large session request to the Collaborate support team on Behind the Blackboard BEFORE the session begins. Sessions not designated as large events will continue to have a participant limit of 250.

Facilitate a great session

  • Divide students into breakout groups for team work.
  • Keep large sessions under 500 participants which is the maximum number supported at this time.