FAQs: Attaching Files

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    This information applies only to the Original Course View. Your institution controls which tools are available.

    Before I create content, do I have to upload all my files into Course Files or the Content Collection?

    No. In the Original Course View, you can add files as you create content. You can use the browse function to upload one or more files. If you upload them into a course area, you don't need to upload the same files directly to the repository. After you create your content, you can move your new files to different folders in Course Files or the Content Collection as needed. Links to the files in your course won't break.

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    What happens if I want to move a file from one content item to another?

    You can reuse files in Course Files or the Content Collection. Therefore, you can delete links to files in your course, yet the files themselves remain in the repository. Then, you can link to them again. Also, if you modify or move a file to another folder after you link it in your course, the link remains intact.

    A new semester has started and I need to update my syllabus file. What is the best way to do this?

    You can edit and overwrite individual files in Course Files or the Content Collection while maintaining the course links to those files.


    You create a link to your syllabus file in your repository. Later, you need to make changes to the file. First, edit a copy of the file on your computer. Then, return to the repository and access the item's menu. Upload the new version of the syllabus with the Overwrite File function. The link to the file in your course remains intact. When students access the syllabus in your course, they see the revised content.

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    What happens when I attach a file when I create content in journals, blogs, and discussions?

    In the Original Course View, when you create content in the interactive tools, you can use the Insert File function in the editor to include a file in your instructions. The system automatically uploads the files to Course Files or the Content Collection in the top-level folder. Later, you can organize your files. You can move the files to different folders in the repository and the links will remain intact.

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    Can I link to a file more than once?

    You can link to a file as many times as you want. If you need to edit a file, your changes will appear in all the linked instances.

    If I do link to a file more than once, can I keep track of where the links are in my course?

    Yes. In Course Files or the Content Collection, access the item's menu and select 360° View. You can view information about the item and where it's linked in your course.

    For folders, you can view where the files and sub-folders in the folder are linked in your course.