ULTRA: Add Course Content from OneDrive

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    This information applies only to the Ultra Course View.

    What is OneDrive?

    Microsoft OneDrive is a free storage platform for your files and photos. Because the platform is cloud-based, you can access your files from multiple devices.

    If you have an internet connection, you have OneDrive regardless of where you're located and what device you use.

    If you're new to Microsoft Live, you can sign up for an account within Blackboard Learn.

    Copy OneDrive files into your course

    In your course, treat OneDrive files like any other piece of content.

    When you add files from OneDrive, the system makes a copy of each file in your course. The files aren't linked. Any change you make to a file within your course doesn't apply to the file in OneDrive.

    If your personal OneDrive account isn't connected, the system asks for your login information.

    On the Course Content page, select the More options icon next to the Books and Tools link. Select Import Content and select OneDrive. Choose the files you want to copy to your course.

    On small devices, you can't connect to OneDrive.

    Copy folders and compressed folders

    When you want a folder of files to appear on the Course Content page, you can also copy folders from your OneDrive account. After you copy a folder, your content is organized the same way you had it in OneDrive.

    To copy a folder from OneDrive, select the check box next to the folder name and select Open. The folder and all its contents are copied. When you use OneDrive to add a folder of files to assignments and documents, the contents of the folder are removed and appear as single items.

    You can also copy a compressed package of files (ZIP) from OneDrive to your course.

    When you copy a ZIP file from OneDrive, you have two choices:

    • Upload as Zip: Keep the file, and everything in it, compressed.
    • Unzip File After Upload: Extract everything in the file into separate documents.

    If you choose Unzip File After Upload, the system notifies you that the files and folders may be rearranged if you continue. However, they will all upload, and you can reorganize them if you want.

    Edit file properties

    After you copy a file, you can edit the file's properties, such as the file name. You can also type a description that will appear on the Course Content page.

    Select the More options icon in the file's row and select Edit.