This information applies only to the Original experience.

Several different types of modules can be created from the Administrator Panel. After you create a module, you can choose to display them on the My Institution tab or any other tab that accepts modules. You must have a system role with the Add/Edit trusted content with scripts privilege to add scripts to community modules.

Create a module

  1. Plan the module. Decide the type of module to create, what content to include, which roles should have access to the module, and who will manage the module content.
  2. On the Administrator Panel, under Communities, select Tabs and Modules.
  3. Select Modules.
  4. Select Create Module.
  5. Complete the fields on the Module Properties page.
  6. Select Submit to save the new module.
  7. You're brought to another page for these module types:
  8. If you selected these module types, you'll control the content in another area of the Administrator Panel: