Manage early access to new features and adopt them on your timeline!

One of the benefits of moving to SaaS has been the ability to introduce changes to our solutions much faster than we historically could. However, with constant change, users can feel anxious or experience change fatigue. We understand that feeling, so we've introduced the option to have certain new features behind a feature toggle.

Provide access to new features

You can give early access to your users when it's least disruptive to courses and schedules. We'll release certain new features with a feature toggle. For a limited time, you can test out the new feature and provide early access when you're ready. In a future release, we'll remove the feature toggle from the feature and it'll be available to all users. This timeline is based on the complexity of the feature. We'll announce in future release notes when each feature toggle will be removed. 

Feature toggles are available for the Ultra Experience only

Navigate to Administrator Panel > The Ultra Experience is here! > Configure. 

You'll easily see new features available as they'll display the NEW tag after the title. 

Each feature is turned off by default. Use the toggle to turn the feature on and off when you're ready. You can quickly scan the features to see which ones are on and off by the toggle found to the right of each feature name. To read about the feature, expand the feature description using the accordion arrow. Collapse the feature description the same way.

The feature description highlights what the feature does and the benefit of each feature. You can test out the feature and provide early access to your users. In future iterations of feature toggles, you'll be able to turn on the feature for select courses and users and give hierarchy control.  

Not every new feature will be released with a feature toggle. Our release notes will highlight which features will include a feature toggle.