Blackboard is committed to protecting the privacy of all users. There are changes that impact the end user experience and actions required of administrators due to changing regulations globally concerning use of data and privacy, including the European Union General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

Security Management: Data Use and Privacy Disclosure replaces the building block Security Management: Cookie Disclosure, which was originally intended to address regulations in the European Privacy Data Directive. The new building block is part of the core system and can't be disabled or removed, and is required to be in the enabled state.

Where disclosures appear in Blackboard Learn

We've added links to access the Blackboard privacy and data use statement, the Blackboard terms of use, and an optional privacy and data use statement from the institution. Privacy and Terms of Use can now be accessed on the login page, the login module, and the settings area of My Blackboard. In the Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor mobile apps, the links are found in Settings and in the Blackboard Terms of Use acceptance policy shown at login. Users can access important information about the use of their data and their privacy both before and after authentication.

The Security Management: Data Use and Privacy Disclosure building block requires all users to accept the terms of the disclosures before using the Blackboard Learn application on a new device or browser.

Modify the acceptance interface

Administrators can add a web link to institutional statements about data use and privacy from the Security Management: Data Use and Privacy Disclosure settings page. Add a URL to Institution Privacy Policy URL to include an institution message and link to the acceptance message. An administrator can also store the statement in the Content Collection as a public file.

For institutions that don't have users who would fall under regulations requiring this acceptance, the terms acceptance interface can be disabled in the Security Management: Data Use and Privacy Disclosure settings page. Unselect Enable Data Use and Privacy Policy Acceptance to hide the acceptance message. However, we recommend institutions keep the acceptance interface enabled, as some users might access from another jurisdiction with these regulations.