This schema contains normalized scores for content item and question submissions.


ODS_COURSE_CONTENT_SCORE contains a records for each attempt for a graded content item or a question.

Fact table
Column Description
actual_score The actual score given to the submission.
possible_score The maximum score that is allowed for the content item of the question.
normalized_score Normalized score for the submission in percentage.
user_pk1 The pk of the user that made the submission.
crsmain_pk1 The pk of the course.
course_contents_pk1 The pk of the alignable course content.
course_users_pk1 Not used. It's present to facilitate delta processing.
canvas_element_pk1 Not used. It's present to facilitate delta processing.


ODS_LS_USER contains one record for each learn user.

Fact table
Column Description
pk1 Unique Identifier.
firstname The user's first name
middlename The user's middle name.
lastname The user's last name.
user_id The user's ID, added to show on reports.
available_ind Indicates if the user is currently available.
batch_uid The user's batch_uid.


ODS_LS_COURSE_USER contains one record for each user's course enrollment.

Fact table
Column Description
course_pk1 Unique Identifier for course.
user_pk1 Unique Identifier for user.
role Identifies the role this user has in the course (if organization role names differ they are listed in parenthesis). B=Course Builder (Organization Builder), G=Grader, P=Instructor (Leader), S=Student (Participant), T=Teaching Assistant (Assistant), U=Guest.
act_as_instructor Indicates if this user has a role in the course which lets them act as an instructor.