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This tool is used to start and stop services.

Example: Windows

blackboard_home\tools\admin\ServiceController.bat argument

Example: UNIX

blackboard_home/tools/admin/ServiceController.sh argument

An error may occur when running this tool if a symbolic link in /bin to the correct location of the bash shell does not exist. Run the following command to create this link:

ln –s /bin/bash /usr/local/bin/bash

This assumes that bash resides in /usr/local/bin/bash. If it resides elsewhere, use that path when creating the symbolic link.

Argument and Descriptions
Argument Description
services.start Starts all the services related to Blackboard Learn
services.stop Stops all the services related to Blackboard Learn
services.restart Stops and immediately starts the services related to Blackboard Learn
services.appserver.start Starts the bb-tomcat service
services.appserver.stop Stops the bb-tomcat service
services.appserver.restart Stops and immediately starts the bb-tomcat service
services.appserver.threaddump Outputs a thread dump of the application stack
services.activemqbroker.stop * Stops the ActiveMQ-Broker service
services.activemqbroker.start * Starts the ActiveMQ-Broker service
services.activemqbroker.restart * Stops and immediately start the ActiveMQ-Broker service

* Starting with the Q2 2016 release, there is an additional service to independently stop and start the BBLEARN-ActiveMQ-Broker. This can be done while other Blackboard services are up and running.