Looking to transition from command-line interface (CLI) Snapshot tools to the new SIS Integration Framework? This topic provides direction and guidance for the update.

Information only applies to Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP8 or later releases.

Before you begin

To learn more about the required technologies, see Supported Technologies for Self-Hosted Systems for your Blackboard Learn release version. This article is based on using a text-delimited "flat" file for your integration.

Blackboard recommends that you are familiar and experienced with the CLI Snapshot tools and data management in Learn before attempting the switch.

Understand the differences

There are four significant changes between the new SIS Framework Snapshot Flat File and CLI Snapshot. Specifically:

  • GUI-based implementation configuration and management
  • File delivery
  • Data Source Keys and data ownership
  • Field mapping and scripting

Each of these must be taken into consideration as you move from CLI Snapshot to the SIS Framework Snapshot Flat File.

Object types and files

All of the CLI Snapshot object types (files) are supported in the Snapshot Flat File type in the SIS Framework in Learn 9.1 SP 8 and later. Also, certain new features in Learn have added new data object types that are not supported by the CLI Snapshot but are supported by the Framework.

I want to learn more about the transition

If you are an administrator who has implemented and maintains an automated batch integration using the Snapshot Tool in Blackboard Learn, you may be interested in updating the integration from the command-line interface (CLI) Snapshot tools to use the new SIS Integration Framework. Visit the topic below to replicate as closely as possible existing CLI integration strategies using the SIS Integration framework.

Migrate from the Command Line to the SIS Framework Snapshot Flat File integration