Category data includes information about the groups that create a catalog structure to Course or Organization listings. Within Blackboard Learn, Courses and Organizations are listed under a category within the course catalog or the Organization catalog. The date elements below allow an institution to map category information from an external course to Blackboard Learn. The link data elements, presented in the next table, then assign Courses or Organizations to a category.

This table details the category data elements.

Category Data Feed Elements
Element Description and Data Type
EXTERNAL_CATEGORY_KEY Must be unique. This field corresponds to the Category Mnemonic field in the UI. Not null. String. Max length 64. Multi-byte characters accepted.
ROW_STATUS Sets the value of the record to one of the following: Enabled: Normal access to the record. Disabled: Record is visible in some areas of the UI, but may not be changed or accessed. Deleted: Record is scheduled to be removed. Passed as a string. "enabled", "disabled", "deleted"
AVAILABLE_IND Establishes category availability within Blackboard Learn. Char(1). Y/N
TITLE The name of the category as it will appear to users within the UI. String. Max length 255. Multi-byte characters accepted.
FRONTPAGE_IND Determines whether or not the category is displayed on the front page of the catalog. Char(1). Y/N
NEW_DATA_SOURCE_KEY Key used to establish grouping of category elements. String based key. Multi-byte characters accepted.
PARENT_CATEGORY_KEY Identifies the parent category in the category tree. String based key. Multi-byte characters accepted.
NEW_EXTERNAL_CATEGORY_KEY Designates replacement for the current key. String. Max length 64. Multi-byte characters accepted.
AVAILABLE_IND Available indicator.
CATEGORY Defines the category.
DESCRIPTION Provides a description of the category.
INTERNAL_ID The category's internal identification.
INTERNAL_PARENT_ID The category's internal parent category identification.
PARENT_BATCH_UID The category's parent category batch user identification.
NODE_TYPE The type of node.