Once the proxy tool request is initiated, administrators make the tool available on the Learn side. From the Administrator Panel, in the Building Blocks section, select Building Blocks > Proxy Tools.

  • The Connect Message Gateway appears under the Program column.
  • To change the availability, open the menu and select Edit.
  • Set the availability to Yes. Until this is selected, none of the Connect integration features are enabled.

Selecting Course/Org default availability is optional for the initial synchronization and has no affect on the process because the pieces of Blackboard Learn that integrate with Connect are outside the courses and organizations.

Blackboard recommends that you do not change the Shared Password. Changing it could alter the synchronization process and prevent SMS transmission.

Proxy tool details

Select the SSL Required option. This ensures secure transactions between Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Connect.

Selecting the User Acknowledgement Message is optional and has no affect on the Connect integration because Blackboard Learn users do not log in to the Connect side.