Q2 2017 Features

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    Additional drag-and-drop locations

    File drag and drop are now supported in the following areas:

    • Content Collection – file upload page replacing Java-dependent interface
    • Content Editor – embed attachment
    • Blank Page content type
    • Blog – Create Entry
    • Journal – Create Entry
    • Portfolio – add Artifact

    If the browser allows, users can drag a folder of files and the files will upload individually.

    More on Instructor: Create a file | Student: Create and edit content

    Submission receipts enhancements

    Students can receive a notification email for each assignment attempt with information about the submission including attached files. Students can also access receipts at any time on the My Grades page in the submissions filter area. Administrators can optionally disable the email notifications.

    More on Instructor: Submission receipts | Student: Submission receipts

    Blackboard Ally: A solution for better accessibility

    Ally is an additional, optional service for improving the accessibility of content and can now be integrated into Blackboard Learn. In this release, Ally improves accessibility within Blackboard Learn in the following ways.

    • Ally presents instructors and content authors with an accessibility score and coaches users in ways to improve the accessibility of materials.
    • Ally creates and presents students with automatically-generated alternative versions of uploaded files and creating accessible HTML, digital braille, and audio format files.
    • Ally allows administrators to see accessibility scores of materials across courses and track changes over time to plan, measure, and improve accessibility.

    More on Administrator: Ally Institution Report | Instructor: Improve file accessibility | Student: Download accessible files

    SIS integration enhancements

    Command line Snapshot tools have been removed. Flat, snapshot-formatted files can still be processed through the SIS Integration Framework. New REST web services have been added to retrieve job status and record processing errors. These allow administrators to implement real-time monitoring and issue resolution processes if desired.

    More on Administrator: SIS Integration

    Email configuration settings

    Starting in the Blackboard Learn 9.1 Q2 2017 release, administrators edit email configuration settings in the user interface, rather than editing the settings in the bb-config.properties file. This method also allows you to edit email configuration settings without having to restart your Blackboard Learn environment. The configuration settings are now located under System Configuration > Email Configuration. The Local Support Contact, which was previously under System Admin > Help, is now located under Email Configuration as well.

    More on Administrator: Email configuration settings

    Outcomes Assessment: Sampling by demographic

    When collecting and sampling student submissions for a secondary program evaluation process, administrators can sample student work by student demographic information in addition to sampling by courses and terms. Sampling can be done by the education level field or institution roles. You can use boolean operators such as AND/OR when sampling institution roles. For example, you could sample graduating senior in a specific program for evaluation purposes.

    More on Administrator: Outcomes Assessment

    2016 Theme improvements to web responsiveness

    The discussion board is now responsive for hand-held devices if the contents of the posts themselves are responsive. Discussion participants can read, respond, and use other discussion features such as post rating from mobile devices.

    Pages with tables, the course menu, and My Blackboard pages are better optimized for hand-held devices. Menus can be accessed on touch devices.

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