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Qwickly Building Block

  • Date Updated: July 17, 2015
  • Minimum Learn Version: Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP12 and later.

Markets and Verticals

This app is available to NAHE, ProEd, and K12 clients in the United States and global customers. Qwickly is FREE to all current and future K-12 Learn 9.1 customers.


Qwickly is a productivity platform for Blackboard Learn. With Qwickly, faculty can make courses available, send emails, post announcements, and post content to multiple courses at once. Qwickly connects students together, facilitating group interaction. Qwickly also allows institutions to connect cloud storage partners to Blackboard. Faculty and students can add documents from DropBox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, link to files and add files to content areas and assignments.


Qwickly+Cloud is both a module on the Blackboard Learn homepage and a tool embedded in various workflows to include features for teachers and students.

Watch the video, Basic Review of the Qwickly Module and Course Tools.


With Qwickly+Cloud, teachers will be able to complete the following tasks for multiple courses at once:

  • Set course availability
  • Post announcements
  • Post content (including cloud content from Google Drive for example)
  • Send email
  • Create assignments for teachers
  • Post URL links
  • Plus, complete a series of course activities:
    • Add cloud content under Add Item in a content area
    • Add cloud content under the Mash Up tool in the virtual text editor
    • Create cloud assignment under Assessments

Watch the videos, Teacher Experience Module and Teacher Experience Course.


With Qwickly+Cloud, students will be able to complete the following tasks:

  • Email multiple instructors at once
  • Submit assignments [both native and cloud assignments] using either files on their computer or files from the cloud
  • Email multiple group members [if they are members of a group] at once
  • Link to cloud documents using the Mash Up tool in the virtual text editor

Watch the videos, Student Experience Module and Student Experience Course.

Do customers have to use all of the integrated Cloud services?

Administrators can choose to integrate with any combination of cloud services that makes sense for their users. For example, one district may choose to enable integration to Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive, whereas another district may simply choose OneDrive.

Will there be training for teachers and district technologists?

Yes! Although the interface is very intuitive, there are quick reference cards, short videos, and even live web conference training available at http://www.goqwickly.com/bbpartner/.

Who provides support?

If you need to troubleshoot an issue, you can contact Qwickly directly through the module (Support tab of the Settings area), or by submitting a ticket at http://qwickly.zendesk.com. You may also submit a Behind-the-Blackboard ticket for assistance.