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Administrators who are running Blackboard Learn can make changes to the system configuration. If content management is installed, administrators must also update the configuration in the Blackboard Learn. This is done using the PushConfigUpdates tool. There are no parameters for this tool.

More on PushConfigUpdates

The following are examples of when this command is used:

  • The content management database password is changed.
  • The database server name is changed.
  • The location of Java SE is modified.
  • The Web Server Hostname is changed.
  • The Web Server Port is changed.
  • Database username and password are modified.
  • Blackboard Basedir is changed.

Change system configuration

This step is only necessary if one of the following properties is updated:

  1. Update the \blackboard\config\bb-config.properties file.
  2. Update the \blackboard\apps\bbcms\config\bbcms-install.properties file.
    • License Key
    • Content management database password
  3. Run /usr/local/blackboard/tools/admin/PushConfigUpdates.sh.