For new features or changes that affect the district and school super users, review this topic.

July 2015 Release

This release includes several small enhancements, accessibility improvements, and bug fixes.

Support of Multiple Teacher Classes

For classes that have multiple teachers or teacher assistants, the class pages now supports multiple teacher profiles.

Add Multiple Teachers

  1. From the class page, select Tools then Manage Class.
  2. From Class Management, click Members and Permissions.
  3. From the Group Members page, add the second teacher.
  4. Select the teacher in charge of the class.
  5. Click Set as Primary Teacher.

    Teachers will be able to set their own profiles on the class page, and students and the guest will be able to view both teacher profiles.

News Box with Thumbnail Pictures

The News box on any webpage now supports thumbnail images to coincide with the news story.

You can add one thumbnail picture with each news item, and set the size in the page design.

Include an Image in News Topic

When you add a news topic, the Thumbnail Image section is now available in the Modify Document page.

  1. Click Choose file and select an image for the topic.
  2. Click Upload.
  3. Type a description of the picture in the Alternative text box.

    This information is used for accessibility with screen readers.

  4. Click Save and Return.

Update Design for Thumbnail Image

Users with design privileges will be able to update the Item Thumbnail Size for the News box in the Design Properties.

You can test the different sizes that work with your design.

Calendar Improvements

The following improvements are now available for calendars:

  • Corrected issues with syncing calendars on select devices.
  • Class and group pages now have the manual import option available for calendars.
  • The Activity Feed lists the month associated with any item for easier viewing.

Last Modified User Information

Super users will be able to view which user modified content. The user name will be displayed with the modified date information.

Edit Forms

You can now edit minor changes to forms even after submissions have been made. You will not be able to add or remove any questions from forms, but you can correct any spelling issues, or add more details to questions.

Update a Form

  1. Open the form using the Edit option.
  2. Click Prevent Form Submissions.
  3. Click Build My Form and edit any changes.
  4. Save the form and click Allow Form Submissions.

Accessibility Improvements

Edline has included the following improvements to make your website friendly for accessibility tools:

  • Any custom menu created by districts or schools are now included in the website Site Map.
  • The calendar import and export features have been enhanced for accessibility issues.
  • The Edline menu bar Search button has been enhanced for screen readers.
  • The My Private Reports page has been enhanced to clearly mark which report will be displayed for screen readers.
  • Any focus issues with windows have been addressed.

Bug Fixes

This release includes fixes to several past issues. The following table summarizes the bug fixes.

Issue ID# Fix
ID# EDL-10821 Connect customers will be shown a warning when creating communications that included texts longer than 160 characters.
ID# EDL-10826 / TSI-1064 Fixed a visibility issue associated with an Edline link to a restricted school login page.
ID# EDL-10820 / TSI-1046 Fixed a visibility issue where users in one school were able to see restricted visibility content in another school via their association with the district.
ID# EDL-10818 / TSI-1040 Fixed an issue where the news folder did not reflect the same item order in both list and standard view.
ID# EDL-10799 / TSI-1033 Altered login error message to update the language to be accurate after the implementation of matriculation.
ID# EDL-10721 / TSI-865 Fixed issue where Tiny MCE and Vimeo video links were broken by Tiny MCE.
ID# EDL-10762 / TSI-1001 Do not show email links in profiles unless a user is both confirmed and allowing emails.
ID# EDL-10703 / TSI-973 Fixed calendar subscription link issue caused by special characters included in ICS links (for OSX, Google, and Outlook).
ID# EDL-10533 / TSI-878 Fixed issue where required video format information was not sufficiently present, causing a failure to convert.
ID# EDL-10589 / TSI-912 Fixed issue where the Add Box button fails if "&" or "--" characters are present.
ID# EDL-10141 / TSI-125 Fixed issue where imported calendar events were not represented on the Activity Feed.
ID# EDL-10410 / TSI-125 Improved representation of events on an Activity Feed by indicating the month.
ID# EDL-10049 / TSI-37 Fixed an issue where the arrows icon set did not display for pinned boxes.
ID# EDL-9822 Fixed an issue where calendar imports would always process in the district/school even if uploaded at the class or group level.
ID# EDL-9811 Fixed an issue where horizontal menus could wrap to split a menu item into two lines.
ID# EDL-7413 Fixed an issue where the restricted visibility of a parent folder may not be properly reflected.
ID# EDL-4516 Improved the setting of limited visibility by group by including the actual names of the groups.
ID# EPB-16453 Altered More News link to go to the standard view rather than the list view.
ID# EDL-10967 / EDL-10979 Add logging for scenarios where a deleted user cannot be created.
ID# EPB-20147 Improve LDAP password security by disallowing caching.

April 2015 Release

Blackboard Engage continually re-evaluates our software and services to ensure that account information and content hosted on Edline are secure. These efforts involve periodic updates to existing security practices, as well as the adoption of developing best practices.The April release of Edline continues this process by increasing the required password complexity for new accounts, improving account retrieval practices to make it harder to identify existing accounts, and removing security questions likely to include sensitive personal information, such as references to social security numbers.

New Password Requirements

For any new user or any user that decides to update their password, there are new requirements for password length and characters.

Current users will NOT be required to change their password at this time.
Passwords loaded via file upload do NOT have to conform to these rules.
Passwords for LDAP accounts or GooglePlus sign in are NOT affected by these rules.

Password must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be a minimum 8 character length
  • Have at least one number
  • Have at least one uppercase letter
  • Have at least one lowercase letter
  • Have at least one non-alpha character:

    ( ) ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * - + = | \ { } [ ] : ; " ' < > , . ? /

Students are exempt from the non-alpha character rule.

Security Questions

Several changes have been made to the security question used to retrieve a forgotten password or screen name.

  • The security question selection no longer includes the What's the last 4 digits of your social security number? question. Any user that has answered the question in the past has had their security question information cleared.
  • When a user forgets their password or screen name, they will no longer just supply the security answer in the next screen. Users will first receive an email that they will need to access their account. After they select the link in the email, then they will need to enter their security answer.

Forgot Screen Name and Password Message

In the past, when a user entered a wrong screen name or password, the Edline website provided a message letting the user know exactly which one was entered incorrectly. Because of sophisticated hacker spyware, this message is no longer as friendly. Users will now have to re-enter both the screen name and password again.

When a user forgets the screen name or password, they will receive an email. The email will contain a link which will allow the user to reset their login information. The email link will expire in 8 hours, and only the most recent email will be valid.

February 2015 Release

Blackboard continues to improve accessibility features on your website. For users requiring screen readers or keyboard only functionality, your website has automatically been improved to better assist them.

Many pages accessed by students and parents include the following enhancements

  • A link is provided to skip navigation and other page elements that are repeated across webpages.
  • Menus are navigable using standard keyboard keys - TAB, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT arrows, and ENTER.
  • Areas on a webpage are navigable using standard keyboard keys.
  • Any tabbed interface sections on a webpage are navigable using standard keyboard keys.
  • Default headings available in Edline have been designated with semantic markup. The semantic markup will not be automatically added to new headings created by districts and schools.
  • Text alternatives have been added to many images.
  • Text labels have been added to many form fields.

    The Check Accessibility tool has been added to several document pages to allow teachers and staff to check their text for accessibility issues.

To learn more, see Accessibility Features.

October 2014 Release

Blackboard is proud to announce the latest release of Edline to help you build your group pages for school this year. This release includes a few enhancements and bug fixes.

Upload Groups and Group Users into Edline

The district or school super user can import groups, folders, and the group users into their Edline websites.When you upload the groups to your website, the group webpages will be automatically added to your site, just like classes. You can also upload the manager of the site and all it's members. This information can then be used to create websites for Parent Teacher groups, any Athletic departments with individual websites for each sport, and any student clubs. This option will save time when creating different pages for your school activities.

The Quick-Sync feature available in Edline includes the new formats to upload groups and the group users - Group Import (es_grp_01) uploads groups and/or folders; and Group Users Import (es_gus_01) and Group Users Import (es_gus_01~nw) no overwrite uploads the users for the groups.

For more details on how to build the group and group user files, and how to upload the information to Edline, see Upload Groups and Users.

Bug Fixes

This release includes fixes to several past issues. The following table summarizes the bug fixes.

Issue ID# Fix
ID# EPB-12723 Added the user response time to the form export.
ID# EDL-10471 Fix issue where class profile pictures were stretched.
ID# EPB-12708 Discussion comments are no longer inaccessible if in reply to a comment that has been deleted.
ID# EPB-12118 Fixed issue where large pictures could not be fully displayed when uploading via Manage Account.
ID# EPB-10469 Email confirmation icon will not display when no address exists.
ID# EDL-10793 Fixed password retrieval when screen names contain special characters.
ID# EPB-16665 Added description and page titles for better search engine results.
ID# EPB-16601 Contact information order is no longer affected by new uploads.
ID# EPB-16678 Fixed Signature is not valid error when launching Blackboard Open Content.
ID# EPB-16466 Updated copyright dates on relevant pages.
ID# EPB-16580 Navigation auto-creation policy no longer needs to be set manually.
ID# EPB-16063 Miscellaneous Calendar accessibility improvements.
ID# EPB-13881 Manually editing a voice number no longer makes it a text number.
ID# EDL-10469 Fixed issue where deleted user IDs were not becoming available.
ID# EDL-5231 Open in New Window now works within single-item folders.