Edline includes the Activity Feed feature which displays the list of changes for the school, class, sport, and other group pages you are a member of. You can keep up with newly added calendar events, new homework added to your classes, new private reports that have been posted, or new blogs added to your team's sports page.

How to Access the Activity Feed

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Using the Activity Feed

  1. To access the list of changes, from the My Edline menu, select Activity Feed.

    The feed will display up to two weeks of the most recent changes with 20 items listed per page.

  2. You can use the Filters area to focus on changes from a particular class or group, or a particular type of change such as new calendar items.

    Parents - If you have multiple children that attend schools that use Edline, you can filter the feed by each of your children, or by your own events.

  3. To view the detailed information, click on the description of the change as listed in the Activity Feed page.

How to Add the Activity Feed to Your RSS News Feed

You can subscribe to the Edline Activity Feed with your RSS (Real Simple Syndication) News Feed browser or application. That way you can receive alerts via your RSS reader when important changes occur.

Follow the instructions for subscribing to and using RSS News Feeds through your RSS reader browser/application.

  • For Mozilla Thunderbird, see their help topic: https://support.mozillamessaging.com/en-US/kb/how-subscribe-news-feeds-and-blogs?s=rss&as=s.
  • For Internet Explorer, see their help topic: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Using-feeds-RSS.

You can create multiple RSS Feeds for each filter you set in your Edline Activity Feed. For example, if you filtered the Activity Feed page in Edline to show the last two weeks of calendar changes for your Basketball team only, when you subscribe to the feed, you will have a separate feed for only the calendar changes in basketball.

  1. To access the list of changes, from the My Edline menu, select Activity Feed .
  2. Filter the feed changes as needed.
  3. Click the RSS icon in the Activity Feeds page for the Copy RSS Link drop-down dialog.
  4. To copy the URL for the feed, click Copy URL.

    The remaining steps will change depending on which RSS reader you will use.

  5. Open the application to use as the RSS reader, such as Microsoft Outlook.
  6. Choose Add a New RSS Feed.
  7. Paste the URL and click Add.
  8. Click Yes to setup the connection.

    For more information about using feeds, see the online help for your Internet browser or RSS reader application.

After you subscribe to the Edline Activity Feed in your RSS Feed subscription, the updates will automatically be sent to your news reader.