You may have heard the term Blackboard Open Content (formerly xpLor) from your teachers, school administrators, or even by your school district, and be wondering what it is and what it can do for you. Blackboard Open Content is a Learning Object Repository (LOR) created by Blackboard, that can be added to your school's Edline website. Blackboard Open Content provides access to a cloud of educational content for your teachers to search for or create for their classes, including online quizzes, videos of class lectures, or even online discussions of different topics. Blackboard Open Content helps your teachers gather the best materials available to make your class work more interesting.

Parents will not be able to access Blackboard Open Content.

How Can a Student Benefit from Blackboard Open Content?

Besides providing teachers a larger resource pool for class materials, for students, information is displayed in an easy-to-use format that allows them to complete their assignments online. It's a fun and effective way to learn their subject matter. And while it's a separate module from the Edline website, it is launched directly from a class page on your school's website, and all the security features that are included in your school's website is carried through the Blackboard Open Content pages. Only the student and the student's specific teacher will have visibility to any homework, quizzes, and other content for the class.

The Blackboard Open Content feature does include its own online help, however this section has been provided to help students get started with their experience.

How Do I Access Blackboard Open Content?

There are no extra steps to being able to open Blackboard Open Content. If your school and teachers use Blackboard Open Content to create an online quiz or other type of assignment, it will appear in your class page on your school's website. Usually teachers will place the content in the Assignments section of their class webpage.

Any content created by your teacher using Blackboard Open Content will have a Blackboard Open Content icon (

). When you click on that assignment, Blackboard Open Content will display the assignment list.

How to Complete Homework and Quizzes in Blackboard Open Content

Your teacher will let you know where your class quizzes and assignments are located on the website.

  1. From the location provided by your teacher, click the name of the quiz or assignment.

  2. Click Begin.
  3. Answer each question according to your teacher's instructions.
  4. When finished, click Submit.

    If you need to finish the assignment or quiz at a later time, depending on your teacher, you may be able to click Save Progress. When you return to finish, click Resume.

    Make sure you want to submit the assignment or quiz to the teacher.

  5. From the Confirm Assessment Submission box, click Submit to confirm.

Depending on the assignment and your teacher, you may receive a preview of your grade.

It may appear that you have logged out of your Edline website. Your quiz/homework has been completed and submitted to your teacher. Just log back into your school website if needed.

How to Participate in Discussions on Blackboard Open Content

Your teacher will let you know where your class discussions are located on the website.

  1. From the location provided by your teacher, click the name of the discussion.

  2. Type your response and click Save.

Depending on your teacher, you might also be able to attach a file to your response.

To change or delete your response, click the Edit

or Delete
icons available in your post.

How to Review Scores for Blackboard Open Content Assignments and Quizzes

Students and parents can review scores for Blackboard Open Content content using My Private Reports. Parents will NOT be able to click the View in Blackboard Open Content link.

  1. From the My Edline menu, under My Content, select Private Reports for the list of reports.
  2. Click the Blackboard Open Content Scores tab for the Blackboard Open Content content.
  3. Click View for the report you want to view.

Do I Need to Setup My Blackboard Open Content Profile?

While completing quizzes or other online assignments you may notice a drop-down menu on the page, which includes the My Blackboard Profile option.

As a student, you do not need to create a Blackboard profile. You will receive all your scores on assignments through the Private Reports option in your school's Edline website.